Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | July 23, 2017


Almost fifteen years ago, a friend and I were chatting over various things we held in common about our businesses.  During the course of conversation, I was asked if I was worried that a new business had opened close that was similiar to mine.  My friend was wondering if there was any concern as to whether this new business would take revenue away from mine.

“Not at all.”‘ I replied.  “You see, there is enough pie for everyone.”

After noting my friend’s quizzical look, I went on to explain.  For me, well actually for everyone, the Universe is endless when it comes to pie.  No matter how many slices are taken, there is always enough.  

Cut a slice out — and a new slice appears.  It’s called Abundance.  And it is real.

But you have to have Faith that Universal Abundance exists.  You see there’s no bargaining or dealing with The Universe. There are certain Laws that the Universe uses as it expands.  These Laws, as in all Laws, are set to be constants and only operate in the manner they exist.  No exceptions.  No bending.  Just a constant frequency or statement.

Within the Universe and The Law of Abundance is an understanding of several things.  When we engage with The Universe, two points are really good to consider.  One — The Universe is boundless.  It bestows endlessly whatever we truly ask for.  Two — when we do take what we ask for — more is instantly available to take. You see The Universe loves growth, movement, and expansion.  It detests stagnation.  So in a very pleasing way, The Universe will constantly provide so as to create growth, movement and exspansion.

So when my friend asked about the new business, that’s why I responded about pie.  It’s a lesson I’ve learned.

THERE’S plenty of pie for everyone. 

And if we all take our piece — there still more pie.   
We should remember not to limit the power of The Universe by being fearful, restrained or paranoid.  It is helpful to tend to our own lives and leave the lives of others to be tended by themselves.  Each person is receiving in accordance to their own desires. That’s their piece of the pie.  And as such, we all take our slice from a different place in the pie. 

Your neighbor does not take your slice, unless that is what you believe.  For just as no two people are the same, no two slices are the same.  Each is replenished from itself. 

Which is why we have no need to be jealous, envious or convent our neighbors life or property.

But that’s another blog for a different today.

I hope you join me here.  

You see, I’ve been told by too many people that I should write a book. Maybe several books.   Books about things that heal, books that make people laugh, books that make life joyfully manageable, and books that make dying without regret.  Whether this is me testing out books or simply blogging, I’ll be here.

I hope you will be here too.  We could chat together through the comments. Walking home together.

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