Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | October 29, 2016

Stepping up to the START line


I deliberately picked this graphic for today’s blog.  This is how it all begins.  Just ordinary folks looking to make a start.  No super athletic efforts, no nutritional guru strides, and no over-the-top leaps for a quick fix.  

No, none of that.

This is about getting up in the morning, looking in the mirror and saying to ourselves, “I feel awful.  I look so old. I want something different for myself.”

And there can be something different. 

Let’s start here.  Today.  Let’s start  at ths point in time we have drawn for ourselves.  A simple place with little effort.  Just an imaginary chalk line with the word START.  Because to get anywhere, we have to step over that line.


If you are ready to improve your state of wellness, you can start today.  If you are ready to commit a little time each day to yourself, you can make daily improvements.  If you are ready to gradually add healthy habits to improve your state of wellness and eventually reverse dis-ease, then I invite you to follow this blog.

This is the perfect time of the year to begin a program to improve our state of wellness.  Why? Because it is the time of year we are encouraged to “let go” of — well, of EVERYTHING.  We are encouraged to let go of unresolved conflicts, emotional baggage, non-productive, repetitive thoughts and more.  

Letting go is the first step.

Because we won’t get far away from the START line dragging heavy, unnecessary baggage with us.

How about if we take some time today to identify the people, thoughts and things we know we need to “let go” of in our lives.  It’s not a mystery to our hearts and minds.  We already know our emotional and physically stressful baggage.   So let’s just take some time today to sit quietly by yourself. Have some paper and a pen handy.  Then ask yourself, “What brings stress into my life?”   Write down all the thoughts that come to mind.  Then further explore with the next question, “Who brings negative thoughts and feelings into my life?” List the names that come to mind.   And finally, ask yourself “What areas in my life are negative and unfulfilling.”  Write these down also.


These are all things that need to be released.  We’ll chat here more about them.  For now?  Just spend some time today and make a list of things, emotions or people too heavy to take over the starting line.

This is how it starts.

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