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Summer – fun in the sun

woman.bare torso2

Summer is the time to get outside.  Enjoy the sunshine.  Soak up the warmth.

Summer is not the time to neglect your skin or damage it with sunburn.

Casual exposure to the sun has a moderate beneficial impact.  This includes the production of vitamin D by the body. However, excessive exposure to UV rays has detrimental health effects.  These include possible sunburn,   skin cancer,  a depressed immune system function and increased risk of accelerated aging.

If you plan to be in the sun, please consider these health tips.

Please remember to exfoliate your skin prior to sunbathing.  You will develop a more even tan and your skin will be healthier.  Many times,  we do not exfoliate prior to tanning.  Instead, we tan over layers upon layers of dead skin cells.  This makes your tan uneven and dull. You also may not notice how quickly you are burning since the dead cells are not as translucent.

Exfoliating your skin once a week is a good practice throughout the year.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body and equally important when it comes to metabolic processes.

There are many products on the market for exfoliating.

However, you can  make your own at home.  Organic coconut oil with raw brown sugar is the easiest.  Simply mix both parts into a fluid paste.  You will not want the mixture to be too dry, because it will be too harsh to your skin.  You will also not want the mixture to be extremely fluid, because then it will not be caustic enough to remove multiple layers of dead skin.  The mixture should be paste-like, formed,  but still have a sheen from the oil.  Sugar is much less caustic to the skin than dead sea salt, but you will still want to follow immediately with a ph toner spritz and a generous layer of coconut oil to hydrate.

It is very important to repeat this process throughout the Summer.  At times, we do not like to exfoliate while tanning.  However, you are setting yourself up for dry, itchy, flaky, dull skin come September.

To exfoliate while you tan also keeps your immune system healthy.

When we tan our skin, we also kill and harden the first layers of the dermis.  After a short time, this will act like a shell.  Your immune system excretes metabolic toxins through your skin each day.  As you tan and make the skin tougher, your skin becomes less efficient at excreting the toxins.  Therefore, your immune system begins to work harder and harder to diminish the toxins.  By September, your fatigued immune system fails against seasonal viruses.

What can you do to tan and keep healthy?

First, respect the Sun’s affect on your skin.  Whether you are a user of sunscreens, cover your skin for protection or sit under shade — you must always be aware of how much you are over-exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.  I do not promote one protection agenda  over any other.  Use whatever you think best for your health, but please protect your skin from burning.  Sunburn is a serious matter to both young and old.  Skin cancers can be avoided by protecting and caring for your skin while outside. And as discussed earlier, do not over-tan your skin so as to lessen it’s ability to promote your wellness.

Second, exfoliate your skin every week.  I know this is not popular to some because it will diminish your tan.  But in the long run, you will be healthier and your skin will stay younger-looking.  Nothing makes you look older than over-tanned skin.  Over the years, it becomes very hard, leathery and dull in color.  And it should.  That is the skin’s  natural defense to tanning.  It darkens as the melanin rises to protect from the UV rays.  The pores diminish and collapse from dehydration.  This makes your skin lose it elasticity and it looks leather-like in appearance.  The more years you tan, the harder it is to regain a supple skin appearance and it’s ability to maintain a healthy immune system.

Lastly, remember to hydrate.  If you plan to be outside and in the sun, don’t forget water.  Not soda, not alcohol, not caffeine drinks — water.  Water is the only thing that hydrates your skin efficiently.  Not even juice helps as much as water.  So if you plan to be by the pool with a “little umbrella drink” or at a BBQ for some sun in the sun, please remember to drink 8 0z of water for every 4 oz of alcohol or caffeinated beverage.  Coconut water is extremely hydrating , but not very tasty by itself.   You will want to mix it with some berries or fruit pulp for taste.

Recipes for infused water:

Infused water with herbs:

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Almost fifteen years ago, a friend and I were chatting over various things we held in common about our businesses.  During the course of conversation, I was asked if I was worried that a new business had opened close that was similiar to mine.  My friend was wondering if there was any concern as to whether this new business would take revenue away from mine.

“Not at all.”‘ I replied.  “You see, there is enough pie for everyone.”

After noting my friend’s quizzical look, I went on to explain.  For me, well actually for everyone, the Universe is endless when it comes to pie.  No matter how many slices are taken, there is always enough.  

Cut a slice out — and a new slice appears.  It’s called Abundance.  And it is real.

But you have to have Faith that Universal Abundance exists.  You see there’s no bargaining or dealing with The Universe. There are certain Laws that the Universe uses as it expands.  These Laws, as in all Laws, are set to be constants and only operate in the manner they exist.  No exceptions.  No bending.  Just a constant frequency or statement.

Within the Universe and The Law of Abundance is an understanding of several things.  When we engage with The Universe, two points are really good to consider.  One — The Universe is boundless.  It bestows endlessly whatever we truly ask for.  Two — when we do take what we ask for — more is instantly available to take. You see The Universe loves growth, movement, and expansion.  It detests stagnation.  So in a very pleasing way, The Universe will constantly provide so as to create growth, movement and exspansion.

So when my friend asked about the new business, that’s why I responded about pie.  It’s a lesson I’ve learned.

THERE’S plenty of pie for everyone. 

And if we all take our piece — there still more pie.   
We should remember not to limit the power of The Universe by being fearful, restrained or paranoid.  It is helpful to tend to our own lives and leave the lives of others to be tended by themselves.  Each person is receiving in accordance to their own desires. That’s their piece of the pie.  And as such, we all take our slice from a different place in the pie. 

Your neighbor does not take your slice, unless that is what you believe.  For just as no two people are the same, no two slices are the same.  Each is replenished from itself. 

Which is why we have no need to be jealous, envious or convent our neighbors life or property.

But that’s another blog for a different today.

I hope you join me here.  

You see, I’ve been told by too many people that I should write a book. Maybe several books.   Books about things that heal, books that make people laugh, books that make life joyfully manageable, and books that make dying without regret.  Whether this is me testing out books or simply blogging, I’ll be here.

I hope you will be here too.  We could chat together through the comments. Walking home together.

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Pendulum swings


 Health is a dynamic condition.  It is not a static condition.

Your state of wellness is constantly changing every moment of each day, every day of each week, every week of each month, and every month of each year.  Year after year.

This is why wellness, nutrition and exercise regimens stop working. This is why folks can become frustrated when healing their bodies.  Most nutritional, exercise and wellness programs are static. However, the condition of our body swings like a pendulum, moving between health and disease. 

 This pendulum movement requires the proper or matching healing protocol. 

To be successful at healing your body, you must first become very familiar with your daily rhythms weekly shifts, and monthly cycles. Through this body awareness, you can make the necessary changes in your wellness protocols to match the pendulum swing.  In this way, you create a balance of the pendulum swing.   This keeps your body balanced.

A balanced body is a healthy body.

Take some time to become aware of your body’s pendulum swings regarding energy levels, sleep, hunger, and vitality. You will detect a very distinct pattern of how your body swings through each part of your day, month and year.  

Once you have a better awareness of your unique pendulum swings, you can make the necessary changes in your wellness program to match the swings.  In this way, you create balance and your body produces the chemistry of a balanced body rather than a stressed body.

A balanced body is a healthy body.

This is a vital step in creating your own unique wellness program.  When you can practice balancing the pendulum swings your body creates each moment of every day, wellness no longer becomes something you need to work at.  Rather, it becomes a way of life.  

Here’s a joyful video that may help you understand how pendulum swings in your body’s daily existence create vitality or chaos.  It all depends on balancing the pendulum swing. 

Good example of how body’s rhythms change:   Pendulum swings

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Stepping up to the START line


I deliberately picked this graphic for today’s blog.  This is how it all begins.  Just ordinary folks looking to make a start.  No super athletic efforts, no nutritional guru strides, and no over-the-top leaps for a quick fix.  

No, none of that.

This is about getting up in the morning, looking in the mirror and saying to ourselves, “I feel awful.  I look so old. I want something different for myself.”

And there can be something different. 

Let’s start here.  Today.  Let’s start  at ths point in time we have drawn for ourselves.  A simple place with little effort.  Just an imaginary chalk line with the word START.  Because to get anywhere, we have to step over that line.


If you are ready to improve your state of wellness, you can start today.  If you are ready to commit a little time each day to yourself, you can make daily improvements.  If you are ready to gradually add healthy habits to improve your state of wellness and eventually reverse dis-ease, then I invite you to follow this blog.

This is the perfect time of the year to begin a program to improve our state of wellness.  Why? Because it is the time of year we are encouraged to “let go” of — well, of EVERYTHING.  We are encouraged to let go of unresolved conflicts, emotional baggage, non-productive, repetitive thoughts and more.  

Letting go is the first step.

Because we won’t get far away from the START line dragging heavy, unnecessary baggage with us.

How about if we take some time today to identify the people, thoughts and things we know we need to “let go” of in our lives.  It’s not a mystery to our hearts and minds.  We already know our emotional and physically stressful baggage.   So let’s just take some time today to sit quietly by yourself. Have some paper and a pen handy.  Then ask yourself, “What brings stress into my life?”   Write down all the thoughts that come to mind.  Then further explore with the next question, “Who brings negative thoughts and feelings into my life?” List the names that come to mind.   And finally, ask yourself “What areas in my life are negative and unfulfilling.”  Write these down also.


These are all things that need to be released.  We’ll chat here more about them.  For now?  Just spend some time today and make a list of things, emotions or people too heavy to take over the starting line.

This is how it starts.

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Myths can sometimes hurt us




Three  myths about Health and Aging ~~~

  1. “This dis-ease just appeared out of nowhere.”
  2. “I can’t do anything about this.  It’s genetic.”
  3. “I’ll take medication for it.  It won’t harm the rest of my body.”

We witness the belief in myths throughout our lives.  Whether it is about faraway places, mystical stories, legends born from heroic feats, or commonplace ideas regarding our health and well-being.

Illness, dis-ease, and overall debilitation does NOT appear in our lives all of the sudden or out of the blue.  It quietly takes hold of our bodies with each passing day.  It is directly related to our choices or decisions regarding food selections, intake portions, movement, emotional support, and much, much more.

Most of us believe the myth that we are destined to follow in the footsteps of our family genetic code.  Although we may certainly carry genetic markers on our DNA for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, IBS, cancer and many more ailments, we do not have to assume they are our wellness destiny.

Most genetic markers remain inactive unless turned on by various conditions.  Let’s look at two very different approaches to the genetic marker for diabetes.   Assuming person A and B both carry this genetic marker, it is not always “black and white” as to whether both, one or neither develops age onset diabetes.

Person A may not have developed the lifestyle habit of watching his food intake selections.  Perhaps as a child, he enjoyed the carbohydrate-rich meals prepared by his mother.  He could have developed the habit of calming down nervous tension with foods high in sugar content.  Later in life, the sugar-ladened comfort foods may have been replaced with wine or beer.  Person A may have developed the lifestyle preference of “hibernating” when stressed rather than incorporating daily movement to alleviate stress.

Person B developed the childhood habits  of using whole foods throughout the day for intake.  As a child, he enjoyed meals prepared with a variety of vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates.  He developed the habit of using some type of movement when stressed rather than comfort food.  Person B did not develop an emotion attachment to food or alcohol to alleviate stress, depression or anxiety.

These are two very polarized examples of people who carry an age-onset genetic marker. Practically thinking, it may be logical to assume that Person A might developed diabetes.

Not necessarily.

Genetic markers can be turned on (or off) by one, two or a multiple combination of lifestyle habits.  Food quality and quantity are certainly two important factors.  Movement or exercise is another.  However, stress-related hormones and the chronic deterioration of the adrenals place high on the list of debilitating DNA encodements.

Therefore Person A and B are equally at risk throughout their lives.  Certainly, Person A can over-tax his digestive and immune system and cause his body to attack rather than support the genetic marker.  But Person B is just as much at risk.  You see, food intake and exercise are  NOT the only factors for longevity. Emotional stability, stress responses, adrenaline and cortisol balance are  an important part in maintaining a healthy limit to inflammation.  So both  Person A and Person B are at risk if any one of the variables puts the immune system under attack from inflammation.

Inflammation can be brought on by poor food intake, lack of movement, emotional or mental stress, hormone imbalances (think menopause), adrenal fatigue and digestive issues such as leaky gut syndrome.

Although Person B may look less likely to develop diabetes “out of the blue” or blame his genes, it may have more to due with whether his food selections cause a sensitivity and/or inflammation response; whether the type of exercise he choses alleviates his stress or causes a more pronounced endocrine problem;  and if he is truly a balanced individual that understands his emotional encodements.

Working to maintain a healthy body and mind is not “black and white” or “all this way or that way”.  It is a blend of several things.  These things are very important to the mental clarity, emotional balance and health of our bodies.

Follow medica’s blog as we explore the many aspects of physical health and mental clarity.  In the weeks/months to come, medica will be offering more ways for you to participate online or at workshops.  It is our intention to provide valid information so you can make informed decisions on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Inflammation is at the root of many medical myths   It’s silent, it’s deadly and yet it is easy to control   By understanding your personal body|mind connection, you can heal inflammation naturally.

And by the way — all medications, herbs and supplements have an impact on the entire body.  It’s best not to ever need them.  But if you do,  please be aware of any side effects listed




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Inflammation — quiet and devastating 

I recently posted an announcement, through various social media sites, that combating inflammation was a major area of focus for medica…the healing arts in 2016.

My concerned was increased when in January, 19 new and existing clients had reported they recently sought medical care for various ailments.

These ailments included:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • MS
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • IBS
  • Skin rashes, psoarsis, eczema
  • Depression
  • Anxiety, panic attacks
  • Sore muscles, pain in upper back and shoulders, thoracic and hip areas
  • Diabetes

This was a significant increase for dis-eases that are directly related to chronic inflammation.  Since January, I have been researching various allopathic, homeopathic and naturopathic sources to confirm the connection between chronic inflammation and some very serious dis-eases.

It has been a true eye-opening experience.

After a very short period of time, it became apparent that all of these dis-eases have a common root — chronic inflammation.

Normally, inflammation is a helpful aspect to our healing.  Inflammation is the first announcer that something is not right with our body.  It calls attention for the need of   extra care to help the body heal.

Chronic inflammation is very different.  It progresses slowly and builds to a point where our immune system no longer protects and cleans our bodies.  Chronic inflammation causes the immune system to attack our major organs, degrade our hormonal responses and erode mental clarity.

Please follow medica’s blog for helpful and informative links, food intake suggestions, suggested forms of movement for each body type, age, and specific ailment caused by chronic inflammation.

I am in the process of interviewing local functional medicine practitioners to assist with blood work, food sensitivities and intake recommendations.  Also, I am meeting with a  chef that is interested in formulating personal, in-house training  sessions on how to prepare and cook whole foods. She understands this needs to be fast and easy.

I invite you to join medica…the healing arts in making the most of your wellness.

This blog will be supported by workshops, on-line presentations, informative links,        and personalized Life Coaching sessions, if desired.

Help your body and mind age gracefully and without chronic inflammation related           dis-eases.  If you have been diagnosed with any of the above-listed ailments, this      program can still help lessen the impact it has on your body and mind.







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“The Giveaway” Starts Soon

food drive2

Around this time of each year, we like to step back, quiet down, and take a moment to appreciate all the blessings we have received throughout the year.

As part of this appreciation, we Giveaway to our community and help others receive blessings.   In the past, we have sponsored Food Drives that help support local Food Banks.

Beginning 01 September, we invite all of our clients to participate in this gesture of thanks and charity.  If you have the chance, please feel free to visit our office with your donation of non-perishable goods.  Our lobby is always open for your donation.  If you live around our office and would to donate, please feel free to stop by with your contribution!

We will run this Food Drive throughout the month of September.  Feel free to stop by any time.  Please feel free to share this blog. and invite friends/family to stop by with their donations.  The more…the merrier the Food Drive!

Visit our blog in the coming weeks.  We will offer some suggestions on:

  • Finding your path through the coming months
  • Creating space for your Inner Self
  • How to prepare for colder weather
  • Quiet your Mind
  • Create your sacred space for Fall-Winter
  • Foods for change
  • Celebrate!  The season is about change!

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What to do about Winter?

wiinter tracks in snow


There is nothing to do about winter, except to relax and take it slow.

Winter is a season without glamour.  There are no bells or whistles.

Winter is a quiet season.  There is less light.  It’s cold.  It’s dark.

When you really think about it  —  what is there even to like about Winter?

Actually there are some things.  Winter gives us time to cool down.  It is a time when we get to have a slower pace.  Sometimes we are FORCED to slow down due to weather conditions.  It’s winter wonderful to slow down and take it easy.

Think of it in terms of working out.

In your workout programs, you have a warm up, and intense period of time with lots of movement and then a cool down.  Winter is the seasonal cool down.  We have worked hard all year and at a very fast pace.  In winter, we give ourselves permission to slow down, read a good book, listen to music or take in a good movie.  All of these things are better than dealing with the cold, wintry weather outside.

It is just what we instinctively desire and need.

We need time to repair, rejuvenate and reset before starting off in a new direction.

So when you are done reading this short blog on what to do about winter, pour yourself a cup of something warm.  Sit back, breathe and relax.  There is NOTHING to do.  You are doing it!  You are giving yourself permission to slow down and relax.

To paraphrase some famous words — “The weather outside is frightful, but being with a good book and cozy covers — is winter  delightful.

Join me tomorrow when we explore  —  “What to do about winter colds, nasty flu and lots of sniffles”

Author:  Linda C Leopold

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Take One Step At a Time – NO RUNNING!!


Which area would you like to like to begin to improve?

One important factor to remember when improving our wellness is to take ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Do you remember when you were told, “There’s no running in the house!!”?

Well, there is no running in wellness.

It is always best to take one thing at a time.  Build on your success in each area and you will never feel overwhelmed.

Thank you for the comments and questions yesterday.  I appreciate your feedback.

I was asked about reframing yesterday.

Reframing is changing the meaning of  a situation or item in your life, thereby changing your thoughts, emotions and responses.  For example:  a problem can be an opportunity. 

Reframing has to do with the particular lens that is being used to observe something.  Change the lens or change the frame, and you begin to respond differently.

One of the things a Life Coach can help you accomplish is to reframe.   To get you started, I offer this tip on reframing.  A classic reframe deals with problems.  Many of us have problems in our lives.  We dread problems.  Problems become stressful.  Problems take our energy.  Problems leave us frustrated and feeling drained.  We can become fearful, angry, aggressive and more due to problems.  It all depends on the frame we are using to observe problems.

But what if problems were the super highway of learning?

What if problems allowed us to accelerate our learning process and hone our problem-solving techniques?  Would we begin to look forward to problems?  Would we feel more confident with each and every problem that we solved?

Have you ever put a jigsaw puzzle together or worked a crossword puzzle?  How did you feel when they were complete?  Accomplished?  Gratified?  Ready to take on another one?

What if problems were the jigsaw puzzles of life?  Would you want to play?

If you are interested in learning more about how to reframe, please contact our office.  We can be contacted at or 724.449.2255.   Also, visit our website: for detailed information regarding our Life Coaches and programs.  You may want to follow our FB business page for tips and hints through the month.  We are presently starting the year off with a Wellness Challenge that is easy and fun.   (No problems there!)

Also, please visit back here to know when Beverly’s Cafe Wellness opens.  This is the type of topics we will discuss together.

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Take a step

forgiveness key

Over the years, coaching clients ask an very important question when it comes to making changes, improving their health and managing stress levels.

They ask, “What’s my first step?”

In reality, they have already taken several steps: (1) they have thought about making changes (2) they have quieted their mind so as to listen to their Higher Self  (3) and they have contacted a Life Coach.

The NEXT step is possibly — FORGIVENESS.

Forgiveness starts with forgiving ourselves.  Forgiving ourselves is a major key to making changes.

In our last blog, we touched on why folks may feel an urgency to participate in New Year resolutions or quick get-fit programs around this time of year.  We also touched on why there is a high rate of failure with this approach.

Did you know that most new applicants to gyms and fitness classes drop out by 01 March? It is generally thought this is due to a couple of reasons.  One reason is experiencing the feeling of failure, or loss of interest, if great results are being recognized. Another reason is based on an emotional response, feelings of guilt, or verification of low self-worth.

This is why before starting any program that involves change, it is a good idea to forgive.  Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Forgive just about anything or anyone you feel has let you down.  Wipe the slate clean.


It creates an atmosphere of “no attachments”.   It allows you to enter a space of change without judgement.  It allows you to once again establish a high level of self-esteem or self-worth.

It let’s you BE.

So let’s take a minute to sit quietly.  Think about the things that may be attaching to us.  Emotions. Anxieties. Judgements — the list can get quite long.

Why should we do this?

Because those items take ENERGY to stay alive in/on you.  They erode your self-worth and more. They can make progress or change very difficult.

And when creating CHANGE — you need ENERGY.

So, take a minute to gather them up. And then take all the time you need to FORGIVE.  Forgive you, forgive others … just forgive. Drop them.  Forgive and be done with all that past history.  It has nothing to do with who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow.

You may be surprised how much lighter you feel.  It may be surprising to you how much more energy you will experience.  You may enjoy a deeper sleep.  There’s lots of things that happen when you forgive — especially for your SELF.

If you need any help with this step, please:  (1) email me at  (2) contact my office at 724.449.2255 or  message me on my FB business page.  To “like” my FB business page, search medica the healing arts.  We are sponsoring a Wellness Challenge that is fun and easy.  Fun and easy is a good place to start when making changes, improving health and incorporating wellness.

See you tomorrow!  I look forward to your comments and questions.

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