Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | October 30, 2016

Pendulum swings


 Health is a dynamic condition.  It is not a static condition.

Your state of wellness is constantly changing every moment of each day, every day of each week, every week of each month, and every month of each year.  Year after year.

This is why wellness, nutrition and exercise regimens stop working. This is why folks can become frustrated when healing their bodies.  Most nutritional, exercise and wellness programs are static. However, the condition of our body swings like a pendulum, moving between health and disease. 

 This pendulum movement requires the proper or matching healing protocol. 

To be successful at healing your body, you must first become very familiar with your daily rhythms weekly shifts, and monthly cycles. Through this body awareness, you can make the necessary changes in your wellness protocols to match the pendulum swing.  In this way, you create a balance of the pendulum swing.   This keeps your body balanced.

A balanced body is a healthy body.

Take some time to become aware of your body’s pendulum swings regarding energy levels, sleep, hunger, and vitality. You will detect a very distinct pattern of how your body swings through each part of your day, month and year.  

Once you have a better awareness of your unique pendulum swings, you can make the necessary changes in your wellness program to match the swings.  In this way, you create balance and your body produces the chemistry of a balanced body rather than a stressed body.

A balanced body is a healthy body.

This is a vital step in creating your own unique wellness program.  When you can practice balancing the pendulum swings your body creates each moment of every day, wellness no longer becomes something you need to work at.  Rather, it becomes a way of life.  

Here’s a joyful video that may help you understand how pendulum swings in your body’s daily existence create vitality or chaos.  It all depends on balancing the pendulum swing. 

Good example of how body’s rhythms change:   Pendulum swings

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