Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | January 4, 2015

Take One Step At a Time – NO RUNNING!!


Which area would you like to like to begin to improve?

One important factor to remember when improving our wellness is to take ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Do you remember when you were told, “There’s no running in the house!!”?

Well, there is no running in wellness.

It is always best to take one thing at a time.  Build on your success in each area and you will never feel overwhelmed.

Thank you for the comments and questions yesterday.  I appreciate your feedback.

I was asked about reframing yesterday.

Reframing is changing the meaning of  a situation or item in your life, thereby changing your thoughts, emotions and responses.  For example:  a problem can be an opportunity. 

Reframing has to do with the particular lens that is being used to observe something.  Change the lens or change the frame, and you begin to respond differently.

One of the things a Life Coach can help you accomplish is to reframe.   To get you started, I offer this tip on reframing.  A classic reframe deals with problems.  Many of us have problems in our lives.  We dread problems.  Problems become stressful.  Problems take our energy.  Problems leave us frustrated and feeling drained.  We can become fearful, angry, aggressive and more due to problems.  It all depends on the frame we are using to observe problems.

But what if problems were the super highway of learning?

What if problems allowed us to accelerate our learning process and hone our problem-solving techniques?  Would we begin to look forward to problems?  Would we feel more confident with each and every problem that we solved?

Have you ever put a jigsaw puzzle together or worked a crossword puzzle?  How did you feel when they were complete?  Accomplished?  Gratified?  Ready to take on another one?

What if problems were the jigsaw puzzles of life?  Would you want to play?

If you are interested in learning more about how to reframe, please contact our office.  We can be contacted at or 724.449.2255.   Also, visit our website: for detailed information regarding our Life Coaches and programs.  You may want to follow our FB business page for tips and hints through the month.  We are presently starting the year off with a Wellness Challenge that is easy and fun.   (No problems there!)

Also, please visit back here to know when Beverly’s Cafe Wellness opens.  This is the type of topics we will discuss together.

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