Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | January 3, 2015

Take a step

forgiveness key

Over the years, coaching clients ask an very important question when it comes to making changes, improving their health and managing stress levels.

They ask, “What’s my first step?”

In reality, they have already taken several steps: (1) they have thought about making changes (2) they have quieted their mind so as to listen to their Higher Self  (3) and they have contacted a Life Coach.

The NEXT step is possibly — FORGIVENESS.

Forgiveness starts with forgiving ourselves.  Forgiving ourselves is a major key to making changes.

In our last blog, we touched on why folks may feel an urgency to participate in New Year resolutions or quick get-fit programs around this time of year.  We also touched on why there is a high rate of failure with this approach.

Did you know that most new applicants to gyms and fitness classes drop out by 01 March? It is generally thought this is due to a couple of reasons.  One reason is experiencing the feeling of failure, or loss of interest, if great results are being recognized. Another reason is based on an emotional response, feelings of guilt, or verification of low self-worth.

This is why before starting any program that involves change, it is a good idea to forgive.  Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Forgive just about anything or anyone you feel has let you down.  Wipe the slate clean.


It creates an atmosphere of “no attachments”.   It allows you to enter a space of change without judgement.  It allows you to once again establish a high level of self-esteem or self-worth.

It let’s you BE.

So let’s take a minute to sit quietly.  Think about the things that may be attaching to us.  Emotions. Anxieties. Judgements — the list can get quite long.

Why should we do this?

Because those items take ENERGY to stay alive in/on you.  They erode your self-worth and more. They can make progress or change very difficult.

And when creating CHANGE — you need ENERGY.

So, take a minute to gather them up. And then take all the time you need to FORGIVE.  Forgive you, forgive others … just forgive. Drop them.  Forgive and be done with all that past history.  It has nothing to do with who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow.

You may be surprised how much lighter you feel.  It may be surprising to you how much more energy you will experience.  You may enjoy a deeper sleep.  There’s lots of things that happen when you forgive — especially for your SELF.

If you need any help with this step, please:  (1) email me at  (2) contact my office at 724.449.2255 or  message me on my FB business page.  To “like” my FB business page, search medica the healing arts.  We are sponsoring a Wellness Challenge that is fun and easy.  Fun and easy is a good place to start when making changes, improving health and incorporating wellness.

See you tomorrow!  I look forward to your comments and questions.

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