Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | January 2, 2015

Am I hibernating?


So many times,  folks feel as if they go into a “slow down” mode during winter.  They can feel it coming on as soon as the sunlight starts to diminish.  It seems  shorter days and longer nights make it very hard to be motivated.
This is all true!
So why are we all running out to the gym on January 1st, and signing up for workout packages?  Why do we think we should be in high gear?
Guilt.  Guilt has a lot to do with it.  And regret.  Regret is sprinkled in there too.
There are many folks who know they should be taking better care of themselves.  They have known this throughout the year.  During Spring, Summer and Fall, we don’t worry about it so much.  It is easy to be caught up in all plans these seasons bring  — vacations, picnics, baseball games, amusement parks, family fun,  and more.  Oh, and let’s not forget the great food that goes along with these seasons.  Then, usually what happens, is we somehow convince ourselves that we will still have time.  We still have time after all the “fun in the sun” to take care of ourselves.
And then we get surprised.
We can’t believe how fast the end of the year comes.  We get caught up in new school schedules and all the holidays between September and December.  This leaves very little time to think about starting a wellness program!
Suddenly, the New Year is staring us right in our face!
We feel slow, congested, bloated and a little cranky. We have too much sugar in our systems, too much weight to carry around, and very little sleep.
To help ourselves feel better about our own self-neglect, we make resolutions, chat about new gym locations, read new fast-fix diets that work for all the celebrities — and quietly wished we had done something all last year.
But many folks just can’t seem to be motivated.  They FEEL like they should be doing something.  They WANT to be doing something.  BUT it just isn’t happening.  Each day slips by with little or no progress.
You’re hibernating!  This is the wrong time of the year for us to be jumping into a big wellness program. We are in a slower mode.  Our bodies are craving carbs and sleep.  We are not in the same mind-set as when we were having fun in the sun during July.
So what are we suppose to do?
Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you some tips.

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