Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | January 1, 2015

In this New Year, how will you START?

start 2015start snail

It all begins again.
New ideas, new commitments, changes to be made, and promises to be kept.  That’s great!
Some folks like to start off with a BANG.  For others, it is better to start off slow and easy.
How each of us begins is a matter of personal preference.  It is very important to know your preference.  Your success at making changes, obtaining goals and focusing on your commitment depends on this self-knowledge.
Too many folks make the mistake of “following the herd”.   They feel they should WANT do what others are doing to incorporate change in their life.  Sometimes folks think they should want to start off BIG and FAST.  Sometimes folks think they should make many changes to everything, so they can get all they desire.
This is especially true on the NEW YEAR.    **** (I’ll tell you why tomorrow)
For some folks, this type of FAST start works.  Almost like cold-turkey on all the negative influences.
But for some folks,  this is too drastic a step.  Therefore, after a short period of time, this type of motivation becomes STRESSFUL.  Under this type of stress, many folks self-sabotage and end their journey to CHANGE.
Which type of person are you?   Fast or slow?  Maybe take some time to think about this,  and then tomorrow visit here again to learn how to make a positive START.
“It doesn’t matter how you start.  It doesn’t matter how you go.  It just matters that you keep going.  That’s what truly matters.  Don’t stop.”

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