Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | October 8, 2014

Fall spices


Fall is a great time to incorporate spices into our lives.  Most of us use spices without thinking about their medicinal application or changing them from season to season.  We usually just follow what a recipe says to add.

The are many different spices that have remarkable health-giving benefits.  By adding them to your food, you give yourself a chance to warm and fortify your body.  Spices don’t have to be over-the-top in any of the preparations, because most of them can be used subtly.  They can be used delicately in sweet dishes as well as a savory dish.

Before we look at the various spices please beware of this —

WARNING:  All spices can be considered therapeutic in certain dosages.  You should not over-consume any spice or use any essential oil in excess in the hopes of creating some type of reaction. If abused various spices, whether in cooking or used as an essential oil,  can be toxic to various organs of the body.   Pregnant women and women lactating should not use spices.  Persons in poor health should consult their PCP prior to using various spices in cooking and as essential oils. Various spices may interfere with medication regimes.

These are just a few spices to consider to warm your Body and Mind throughout the Fall:

Cardamon is a delicious scent and taste in many Italian sweets as well as a classic ingredient in curry.  It helps to ease digestion.  Cinnamon is one of the widely used spices.  It is pungent, warm and an excellent choice for Fall. TCM considers cinnamon to be very Yang.  It can ward off colds, congestion, soothe pain and help digest.  Cayenne is very stimulating, very pungent and  affects the whole body.  It stimulates the blood, may create endorphins and create a temporary sense of well being.  Fenugreek is one of the oldest spices used in the world. It is bitter in taste.  It is considered an anti-inflammatory, blood tonic and is used for abdominal pains.  Garlic is absolutely wonderful for your health. Herbalists use garlic for a number of health concerns involving skin, digestion, heart health and more.  It is very pungent in smell and if used in excess can leech out through the skin’s pores. Ginger is another ancient spice that is often overlooked.  Ginger is pungent and acts as a stimulant, an expectorant, is antiseptic and antispasmodic.  Nutmeg is a powerful and useful spice.  It is generally good for digestion as it stimulated the appetite,  It is excellent for diarrhea.  It is used in many recipes to give an extra kick to the taste.   Ayurvedic healers have long used Tumeric for healing just about anything.  This multi-dimensional spice has anti-inflammatory properties, healing for blood disorders. It also has a toning and/or detoxifying effect on the liver.


Coming up next:  Fall exercise


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