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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches us about Fall










Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sees Fall as the time when the energy of Earth transforms into Metal.  It considers the time of Indian Summer a separate season.

Indian Summer and Fall are times when Energy is starting to withdraw or recede. TCM sees this as a time when  Energy is condensing or contracting inward.  TCM considers this contraction allows Energy to accumulate, become powerful, and be stored for future lean times.  During Indian Summer and Fall, the Lungs, Intestines, Spleen and Stomach are all governed. This means that this time of year has a huge impact on these organs, and these organs have a huge impact on your Wellness.  These organs “take in” and “let out” for the body.  They store want is necessary for vitality and purge what is unneeded or unwanted.

Naturally, you can see why TCM considers  Indian Summer and Fall a time to store what is necessary and get rid of anything unwanted or unneeded.  This is a time of clarity, of purging both physical and emotional things that no longer have a place in our life.  It is a good time to clean out not our physical environments — both within and without.

According to TCM, if you do not take this time to evaluate, create balance, then store what is necessary and purge all the is unneeded, you will become dis-eased.

If you cling to attachments of old desires or unneeded thoughts you will end up feeling grief, anxiety and a profound sense of melancholy.  In turn, these feelings will affect your physical body — manifesting dis-ease in the organs mentioned above.  The result could be that you would be susceptible to dis-eases such as flu, common cough or cold, bronchitis and other ailments of the above mentioned organs.  If you are deeply entrenched in these attachments, TCM would have you consider that your dis-ease could go even deeper into, and possibly past,  the respiratory and/or digestive systems.  That is why it is a good idea to purge unwanted or unneeded things in the Fall. Sort of lightening your load before the harder Winter months appear.

Several indigenous cultures view Fall as a time to clear away.  Native Americans often gather in early Fall to giveaway, exchange and remember the ways of their culture.  Fall is considered a good time to re-organize your life and to remember what your life is about.

Ayurvedic medicine also speaks of Fall as a time to purge unneeded energies.  Fall is considered a good time to balance the Doshas by toning or heightening the combined three.  It is also considered very important to incorporate breath into this clearing.

Fall is considered the time of dry.  We promote this even more by turning on our air conditioners throughout Summer. Dry, or the loss of humidity is very stressful to our Lungs.  Please consider leaving some time in between using air conditioning and forced heat to allow your skin and lungs to experience some humidity.  It is a good practice to always have a fresh source of Air during the year.  If this is not possible, than consider using an Ionizer and leaving a fresh bowel of Water out for humidity. Throughout the Winter, it is a good practice to still use a fan to move the Air and avoid stagnation.

Tomorrow:  Fall Food Intake

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