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Indian Summer seeks balance

indian summer

Before we enter into Fall, there is always this wonderful season known as Indian Summer.  Indian Summer arrives during the first few weeks of Fall.

In ancient healing systems, it is considered a season of its own.

It is known as The Fulcrum of the Year.  It is considered a time of perfect balance, It is when the Fire energy of Summer is burning  down and being transformed into Earth energy.  There is neither Yin nor Yang present at this time of year.  It is held in perfect balance on the scales.

Indian Summer is associated with the stomach, spleen and pancreas meridians.  If your Earth meridians or Earth Self are unbalanced, you will experience digestive problems during this time.  Many gall bladders have flared and been removed during this time of the year. You may want to consider receiving some bodywork, such as acupressure, acupuncture, shiatsu, Gua sha or massage to help balance your meridians or energetic Self

Indian Summer is a transitional time where the entrance of Earth energy allows us — no begs us — to review our thoughts, opinions and feelings.  This is the season where you can begin to live a different way. There are now two paths before you and it will be your choice which one to take. Each path changes the course of your life.  So it is said the Indian Summer begins the course of who we will become in the upcoming year.

As we approach Indian Summer, it is healthy for you to remain balanced in your thoughts, actions and food intake.  Fire into Earth is not an easy time for us.  It sheds light upon our imperfections, obsessiveness, stubbornness, forgetfulness, and refusal to be compassionate.  However, it can illuminate our ability to have acquired patience, love, care and truth.  If you find yourself feeling more tense and distracted, it is advised to take time away from others and be only with your thoughts.  Calm yourself.  Take a walk into Nature and let your  unwanted emotions and thoughts leave you. During the Fire of Summer, we rarely are aware just how much energy we are accumulating.  Everything is fast and hot outside our bodies.  Therefore, we rarely can feel how fast and hot we have become on the inside.

Indian Summer brings cooler days and nights.  This begins to slow your journey down.  We have the opportunity to purge any or all thoughts, feelings and judgements that we acquired during the heat of Summer.  However, Indian Summer also brings several days of heat and sunshine back into our lives.  This flash of heat and sunshine sparks alive any remnants of Summer that we may still be holding on to.  That can bring chaos and mishap into our lives. If you have the chance, please purge yourself of any thoughts, feelings or judgements you would not want to contend with in the dark of Winter.  Indian Summer helps you do this.  Just when you believe you have completely purged all unwanted Summer “heat”, another sunny Indian Summer day comes along.  If you feel peaceful during that day, you are on your way into Earth energy.  If you find that day filled with agitation, chaos, arguments, tension and more, you need to take another long walk by yourself to quiet and rid yourself of these things. By entering into Earth energy with newly acquired peace and calm, you assure yourself of a restful Winter.

Indian Summer is beautiful.  Mother Nature throws her head back in exultation revealing her grandeur.  But it is also a time for you and I to be contemplative.  All energies of the body can be disturbed during this time.  everything hangs in the balance — or lack of balance.   It is best to slowly move our food intake out of raw into cooked.  Making sure we keep balance to our intake. Also, to change into slightly warmer clothes as to keep the body’s temperature even.  The balance of how we dress also becomes a lesson of balance.  Knowing to keep a sweater handy for cool breezes, but not to put away all our light comfortable clothing for mid-day heat. Warm soaks in aromatic oils and massage are recommended to begin warming the body. It has been several months since we have had to consider keeping the body warm and comfortable.  Warm soaks and massage help to accelerate the lymphatic system.  This helps create wellness and warmth for our bodies and mind.



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