Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | September 28, 2014

Fall is the season of the MIND

late summer

Fall is the season that shouts “Wake Up” to our minds.  It is time for us to put down the playful things of Summer and get back to work.  In Spring,  you started to dream about your desires, your plans and what a new beginning would bring.  However, during the Summer, we look to have fun in the Sun.  This diverts our attention to being a more physical Being than a mindful Being, and so our thoughts and plans can be diverted also.

Next to Spring, Fall in the second most active season in our lives.  It begs us to kick our plans into action.  During Fall, many folks can feel as if they are lagging behind in projects or didn’t get everything accomplished during the Summer.  This is very natural.  And at times very true.

Up until now, we have been dealing with our physical Self, our bodies, our emotions and our relationships with others.  In Fall, this all widens and deepens.  We begin to deal with our surroundings and our inner Self.  Fall “wakes up” our mind again.  It whispers with a slight sense of urgency of getting on with our life.  This makes Fall the perfect time of year to reassess what you want out of life.  It is the perfect time to decide what path you would like your life to take and what are the necessary steps needed to move towards that goal.

Fall is the time of year when we make changes.  Often times we are not even aware of our focus on Change. We just instinctively sense that a shift is needed or a change incorporated.  This is because Fall is the season of the Mind, not the Body.  We start to become Mindful in the Fall.  It is no accident that most academic institutions begin instruction in the Fall.  What better time to begin that the season of the Mind?

So rest assured, this is the perfect time of year to get your life into order.  If this shakes your life up a bit — that’s okay.  But let me also state, that you don’t need to change for the sake of change.  If everything is your life seems fine, then don’t seek change.  Also, if this Fall doesn’t feel right for making change, then don’t.

However, if you have been thinking of making changes in your life,  Fall is the perfect time.   There is no need to turn your life upside down just to create change.  It is more along the lines that if you have been seeking to make changes in your life,  (even small changes) than you can use the changing energy of Fall to help you.  It is like you have a helping hand without even knowing.  Fall creates change.  If we move instinctively along the changing lines of Fall, we get ahead quick and easy.



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