Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | June 23, 2014

Welcome Summer, 2014

Summer Solstice Daisy

Summer is the most energetic phase of the year. Wood energy burns into the full yang of Fire, which grows and spreads.  This Fire energy is connected to the Heart.  Ancient healing systems teach us that Heart is the seat of emotions. It governs all emotions, but there is a heavy emphasis on love, joy, compassion, generosity, openness, and abundance.

If your Heart Chakra is open, you will enjoy all these positive emotions.  If on the other hand, you have any blockages in the Heart Chakra, you may experience hysteria, hypertension, nervous disorders and problems with circulation.

Summer brings heat. 

We all have been exposed, or possibly over-exposed, to heat. Many of us are well aware of the ill-effects of too much heat.  We search for many ways to “stay cool” or “keep our cool”.  Most ancient teachings see the color for the season of Summer as red — the same color of Fire.  They speak about how emotions are heightened, days seem to pass by quickly, and everyday demands seem to be more poignantly focused.


Suggestions on creating a healing space for Summer “Heat”:

  • widen your perceptions

  • become more aware of your feelings

  • understand how you give and receive

  • understanding how you express love

  • look at the whole emotional aspect of your life.

 A good practice for creating a healing space is to meditate.  Take just a few minutes each day, perhaps in the morning and night, to sit quietly with yourSelf.   Breathe.  Let your mind relax into a calmer state.  Release any tension you perceive in your body. Allow yourSelf a few minutes to relax.  Remember: when you begin to meditate, it does not have to be for a long time.  Just a few minutes makes a difference in your mind-body connection.  Also, it doesn’t have to be perfect.  If your mind travels to events of the day or previous night, gently guide yourSelf back your breath.  Settle into yourSelf again while listening to nothing else but your breath.  The flow of inhaling and exhaling is very  peaceful. If you would like, light a candle to gaze upon.  It may help to enhance your experience.

Bodywork and Massage also help you balance your emotions throughout the Summer.  Making sure your circulatory and lymphatic systems are not congested, we recommend a session one per week. 

You can book your next session through this blog:    Click Here



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