Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | February 21, 2014

Wellness Expo – February was fantastic


Despite the harsh hold Winter was insisting upon, medica’s February Wellness Expo was light and breezy.

Suggestions regarding detox and how to easily move through each season were presented. This first module was followed by a wonderful session of community yoga with Lizzie Hanulak.

Most folks fear the word detox.  It makes them think of green powders, chalky shakes, tons of supplements, gallons of water and HUNGER!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Oh, you can certainly choose the type of detox that involves all of the above-mentioned items.  OR… you can move gently through each season releasing toxins and building your immune system.

The latter is much easier to facilitate.  This is especially true, if this is the first time you are detoxing your immune system and body.

You are able to detoxify at a cellular level when you choose to detox by balancing your colon; purging the accumulation of sugars and fats’; and introducing gentle movement into your day.  This process is not stressful.

The end result?

You feel so much better.

There was also some discussion regarding the types of detox/heal &wellness products you should consider; how to be a good consumer of these products; listening to your body and establishing target points or goals to achieve; and how to maintain optimum wellness.

Finally, it was discussed how detox is not just about your food intake  When you are detoxing from season to season,  emotional health and physical well being are just as important.  Winter poses a particularly hard challenge with the influence of low sun and limited daylight in accordance to SAD.

There are many things you can do to lessen or prevent “the blues” or “cabin fever”.

Several options were presented such as corrective food intake selections,supplements, daily motivational techniques and yoga.  Lizzie demonstrated a wonderful modified Sun Salutation during our yoga module.  This practice allows the body to release tension while bringing energy into the body.  It stirs the Kundalini at our Root Chakra and circulates it through our entire body and mind.  The result?  Feeling energized, open and balanced

For more information regarding our monthly Wellness Expos, please visit:   Wellness Expo – medica Event


If you were unable to attend the February Wellness Expo, and are interested in how to begin the process of improving your health and wellness. you can request a transcript of the Expo discussions.  Please send your request to:

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