Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | August 28, 2013

Here’s comes Autumn!

fall scenery

It’s just around the corner.

Autumn in all it’s glory.  Are you ready?

Throughout the year, we have discussed how to live with each season.  In Spring, we focused on “waking up”  In Summer, there was emphasis placed on moving the body to make sure energy is used and pushed outwards. Now, in Autumn the focus is placed on the mind. In fact, Autumn is called the “season of the mind”.

During Autumn it is best to take a moment and focus your attention on:

  • where you have been
  • where you are
  • where do you want to go.

If there were mistakes made during the past months, this is a great space to take a minute and review their lessons.  If relationships were not successful, this is the space to feel why that may have happened.  If you have been feeling anxious or depressed, this is the space to ask yourself some honest, soul-searching questions. If things have been successful, productive and creative, this is the space to incorporate those blessings into your Spirit. In other words, stop moving around so much, sit down, take a minute to assess yourself and the world you have created.

Good question.  Well, Autumn is your chance to purge what is not needed. To eliminate what no longer is serving as helpful, may be toxic or otherwise not healthy for your physical body, mental state and Spirit.

Some cultures call Autumn the time of the “Great Give-away”.  A very good practice for us all to follow.  The thought is that if you have not used something or are holding on to something for no reason whatsoever, you give it away in Autumn.  This helps you not drag it into Winter.  In Winter everything you hold on to becomes so very heavy.  At times unbearable. And it makes getting to Spring very difficult.  So in the Great Giveaway, you lighten yourself, your environment, your emotions and Spirit to make what you carry throughout Winter light and easy.

But to know what to give away, you first have to take a minute and calmly look within and without. This happens at the beginning of Autumn.  Oh, there will be more to do during Autumn.  But this is the first step.  I invite you to greet Autumn, the season of the mind, by sitting and thinking.  Review the past months and ask some powerful questions about yourself, your relationships, your strengths, your weaknesses, emotions, addictions and more.

More to follow on Autumn living, diet, lifestyle, health issues and Spiritual development. Please feel free to follow this blog, comment and make community for each to share.  Blessed be.





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