Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | May 25, 2013

Summer is almost here – are you ready?


Summer is a time of fun in the sun. Typically, it is the time of year when we take breaks, enjoy vacations, celebrate holidays and more. It is a time when we love to be outdoors. Summer offers us a chance to re-connect with the Earth. It is always a pleasure to sink our toes into some warm sand, have the surf rush over our feet, smell the wonderful fragrances of the deep woods and flowers. Most enjoyable is to feel the warmth of the sun.

Even in ancient times, Summer was consider the best time of the year. No longer did our ancestors have to worry about the cold or damp. Hunting was plentiful and gathering was easy. This ancient memory has been carried through all generations and is incorporated permanently on our DNA. We love Summer.

As civilization began to exist more through agriculture rather than by just hunting/gathering, Summer began to have another side. The days of warmth and light were still very much appreciated. Rains were always welcomed. However, now there was more work to be done. The fields needed to be maintained and mature crops needed to be gathered. Summer was now balanced with work and play. Life was still easy, but work was beginning to take it’s place. We have followed this ancient example of balancing work and play throughout our Summers. Summer still beckons us to be playful and carefree.

It is very important to balance your Self during the months of Summer. At times our schedules can be disturbed by shifts made in Summer. The very fact that there is more daylight hours offers us extra time for activity. But sometimes, there are more dramatic shifts. For example, children are typically out of school during the Summer. This makes a shift in the family’s routine. For the first few weeks, this can create a bit of chaos until the family’s schedule once again falls into a pattern of co-living. Another example is vacations. Vacations are always fun. However, they can also shift a family’s living pattern as we plan for them, travel and micro-manage our relaxation abilities.

Making small changes to your schedules and relaxation time during this last part of Spring will help you balance when these types of shifts occur.

How do you do this?

Take a moment each day to find a small amount of time to create quiet for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a long break. Just a few minutes will mean so much to your mind, body and Spirit. You can practice deep breathing techniques; close your eyes and rest; or just sit quietly for a few minutes.

Here are some examples to help you practice:

Breathing technique for relaxation/wellness:

Restful eyes/calming the mind:
The only thing I would add to this video is that when you are palming your eyes, relax them deeper and deeper into the darkness of your palms. This allows for expansion and calms the optic nerve quickly.

More blogs on Summer living coming right up! A Heart healing mantra for daily use.

This blog and all other in the series are part of our current Wellness program:   To Strive, To Seek, To Find and Not To Yield

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