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Strive, Seek, Find

tenpoundclubI received this badge from a wellness site to say congratulations on the 10 pounds I had lost while following a simple 21-day detoxification program. Several clients have remarked that it may have been somewhat easier for me to lose the ten pounds because I am used to working out.

Here’s a BIG surprise.

I didn’t workout AT ALL during the detox!

You aren’t suppose to strenuously workout while using this detox program. I took some walks. Also, I stay active each day as a massage therapist. However, after 21 years of being a massage therapist, my body is quite use to the amount of energy it has to release for my work day. Therefore, not a lot of energy is expended for my work. (Side-note: The third time you repeat an activity, your body begins to adjust so it can conserve energy during this activity.) Lastly, I was busy at work and home in April — so not too many walks.

So what did I do that made 10 pounds come off my body so easy?

Step 1 — Committed to changing my eating intake. I looked at every single food item in my house before starting the detox. If it wasn’t what I should have — out it went. I wasn’t wasteful about this purge. Donate anything you can to your local food bank or shelter. They will appreciate all non-perishable items.

This step represents two things: (1) your commitment to yourself and your wellness. It is a powerful self-love statement that says nothing is more important than your health and happiness. Do not make or use any attachments to how much food will be given away instead of used. Do not make the attachment or excuse of how much was spent on this food to be purged. You are worth more than any amount it represents. Do not use any excuse such as “I’ll start later when this type of food is not in my house”. It’s now, it starts today and you are worth every penny of any food items that are given away. (2) This is your statement that you will not give yourself permission to be tempted, to promote self- sabotage or permission to turn to food as comfort or friendship.

Step 2 — be adventurous with your food selections. We all have grown up around our traditional food selections. These are from our families and many heritages connected to specific geographical areas. That does not mean that other food selections from various parts of the world are any less tasty. In fact, in many ways, they are tastier and more healthier in content.

Step 3 — RELAX. Yes this a big one. Relax about everything. Give yourself permission to let go each day. Stop. We rarely stop these days. Everything is coming at us at all times of the day and we feel compelled to answer. Don’t! Set time aside to relax, daydream, meditate, practice yoga, listen to music, etc. This does not include watching television. In fact, television in the biggest sabotage item in your life. Especially after 4:30 pm. Hundreds of advertisers compete for your attention to buy their products during this time of day. Many of them are from the food industry. I use the term “Food” very loosely, because so many of their products should not be considered food.

Step 4 — Make sure you are feeding your body real food. To help abate cravings and to keep your body satisfied, you will need a full-spectrum/ nutritious supplement product to feed your body. This will allow you to have the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to re-construct at a cellular level. There are many products available, so be a good consumer. I used a product from Shakeology, super foods, and a ph balancing agent. I’ll say more on this in later blogs.

Step 5 — Rest. Sleep. Either one should be increased. If you are not sleeping throughout the night – you need this program. If you do not get enough sleep throughout the night, take some time to rest your body and mind during the day. For example, 10 minutes with your eyes shut and your body relaxed helps to rejuvenate you. Learn more:

Five easy steps. Five powerful statements. Each says that you are ready to take care of yourself. Each says that you are feeling your self-worth. Each says that you are in agreement that the time is now for you to create change in your life. For you. Not for a wedding dress, not for a graduation party or a vacation — for you. When the wedding dress is in the closet — you could stop. When the party is over — you could stop. When the vacation is nothing but photos — you could stop.

But you will never stop when you say, “This is who I am. This is how it begins. This is my desire. This is the start of living healthy and happy for the rest of my life. No restrictions, no dread, no cheating myself. This is about me creating a life that will be filled with many moments of wellness, energy, happiness, contentment, self-love, restfulness and peace.”

More blogs coming right up!

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