Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | May 12, 2013

Bikini Union Hall


Years ago — no wait, scratch that. Decades ago, I always made an annual trip to the Bikini Union Hall for this year’s bathing suit.

It was just a little game I played in my mind while I shopped. Imagining that somewhere there was this union hall where all bikinis gathered. They hung out together discussing what kind of season it would be, who might pick them and the beaches or pools they might be seen at. Most importantly, they talked a lot about who would be picked for what job. You know, like who would be the best at showing off the tans, who would be the best at walking down the shoreline, who was always picked for the “get noticed”, and of course, who was the top seller.

So I thought maybe I would look up the union hall and see how everyone was this season.

When I first started to shop at the union hall it was located on the corners of Here and Now. Really easy to find. Straight down — This Is What I Want street and make the first left. There it stood. Very welcoming and stocked full of bikinis just waiting to see if I would pick them.

Years later, and after the birth of my first child, I was surprised that they moved the union hall to the corners of Once Upon A Time and Living In The Past. But still, it was fun to drive over. And that’s about where the fun lasted. Upon entering the union hall, I was surprised to see the bikinis were not so friendly. Gone where the welcoming hugs and everyone wanting to be picked. There was great hesitation by some as to whether they should even come over to say hello. Oh well, no bother. There were still a few that wanted to take on the job of being this season’s pick for fun in the sun.

I must admit that for quite some time now, I have stopped going over to the Bikini Union Hall. After having two children, and several desserts, it just didn’t seem like the place to go. I was remembering the last visit and felt sure the welcome would be even more off-standish. But I thought that it might be fun just to browse and visit. Nothing serious. It’s not like I would actually pick one out or anything. But just being asked to enter might be fun again.

Well, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea. When I looked up where the union hall was located, I was surprised that they had moved once again. How did they expect women to find them if they kept moving? The union hall was now listed as being on the corner of Are You For Real and Oh My God Get Over Yourself. That seemed odd. I had never even heard of these streets. I decided to follow the directions anyways. They were listed as driving straight down Really? street and making a left onto Fantasy Lane.

As I was parking the car, I started thinking about this trip. What was I doing? Was I trying to re-capture some part of me that existed in days gone by? Was I trying to prove I could still shop at the Union Hall? Did it bother me that the bikinis no longer welcomed me as they had once did? Lots of questions bounced around in my mind.

And then it hit me. I was on the wrong street. I should have seen it while driving down Fantasy Lane, but I missed it. I was feeling so healthy and fit that I immediately started to think about the good old days at the bikini union hall. I mistook my directions.

You see I should have stayed on the streets of Wellness and Healthy. Those are the streets that are improving my life. They are full of tiny shops that have ways to improve your health. Wonderful places to help clear your mind and make you feel great. Each and every day.

I once again re-focused my intentions to being healthy. In an instant, I found myself on Wellness. Yes, this is what it is all about for me. Not whether I can be greeted by the bikinis. For me, and a lot of people walking along Wellness Street, it is about maintaining a high quality of life. The focus is health and aging naturally. Not having to take medications. Being pain free. Sleeping restful. Having clear thoughts. Remembering. Vitality and agility. Having a bikini friendly body would just be a side bonus….not the goal.

I turned the corner onto Healthy and breathed a deep sigh of peace. Yes! Here is where I understood everything. All the shops full, of ideas, hints and tips for making life worthwhile. On Healthy Street I can always find the very thing to make hiking, swimming, walking, exercising more enjoyable. I know I can find everything I need on Healthy Street.

So that’s my story about my trip to the Bikini Union Hall. It was eye-opening and soul-satisfying. Yes, there were many years full of shopping at the Bikini Union Hall. But, quite frankly, those days are gone. Today, it is not my focus of intention. Those days were fun, but I am looking now at the years of 58+ and more. And I have to tell you — there isn’t a bikini in the Union Hall that wants the job of walking around with a 58 year old.

For me, anything I do is on Wellness and Healthy streets. And I will take my time and enjoy strolling along those streets. There are so many wonderful things to know and do. I love keeping myself healthy, fit and happy. And I hope to see you there!!

If you are shopping at the Union Hall on the streets of Here and Now, we can meet up later. And I applaud your walk in the sun. Enjoy! And stay healthy each and every day.

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