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We’ve all been there before. That moment when every fiber of your being screams, “Wake up! Wake up! What the heck are you doing?!?” I’ve had a few of those moments over the past years.

I decided 2013 was the year of my physical Awakening.  A transformation of sorts. The year of  “no more excuses”.  The year of “just let’s get it done.”

But before the screaming wake up call sounded, I had already posted several “Notes to Self”  moments in my mental library.

Like, when I was with my Dad in the hospital, as he was dying.   Note to self: avoid diabetes at all costs.

Or when my Mother was dying of colon cancer.    Note to self:   do not let inflammation or acidity be a primary culprit in your aging process.

There were other “Notes to Self” along the way.   Things like – Note to Self: make sure you stay flexible, stay strong, stay balanced and keep a good cardiac-ratio recovery.  And of course, I  had compiled a list of  little Notes to Self about medical conditions and health-related illness.

There were a couple of notes  missing from the list.  They  were – Note to Self: look in the mirror and be HONEST.  Note to Self: ask your body how it feels and be HONEST.

Oh, those notes were conveniently pulled out of the pile from time to time so as not to bring up questions. Questions like: Why did these pants shrink in the dryer? When did yoga pants become so comfortable?   Why is this blouse not comfortable?   When did they start making clothes a size or two smaller?

Well, the final WAKE UP came December, 2012. Our dog, Maia, needed to be walked very early in the morning. She nuzzled me and shook her floppy ears to get my attention. Okay Maia, I get it. You need to go. Maia stood up and stretched.  I stood up —- and groaned. Maia easily walked down the hallway to the steps.  I walked down the hall — okay I didn’t walk nearly as fast or easy.  Maia went down the steps – 1,2,3.  I went down the stairs more like 1-1, 2-2, 3-3.  The bells and whistles were starting to go off. And they were pretty loud this time.

I was standing outside thinking and giving Maia some time to sniff the early morning air,  when at last the WAKE UP! hit me.  What had just happened there? Just six months before, I was taking Maia down the stairs and outside without all this soreness. When did this sneak up on me? I’d have to say that walking back into the house was a lot better. By that time the body had a chance to warm up and things were moving along.

For most of the day,  I kept thinking about how I first felt getting out of bed and down the stairs.  You might say that this WAKE UP call lasted for hours.  And it was just what I needed.  Because I realized I was not taking care of my body.  I was not giving it a fair chance every day.  I was taking for granted what my body should be able to do with limited care.  And, I know all too well what happens when you do not give your body the care it needs.  You lose.  So this  WAKE UP call was loud and clear.

I came to realize that all the aches or discomfort I was feeling was not from straining my body or working it to hard. Because I had changed nothing.  Not one single thing — physically.  But what I WAS doing was not paying attention to me. I was not exercising regularly.  I had gotten lazy over the colder, darker months.  I was not eating as healthy as I know.  It is always tempting to me to eat more calories, higher fat and more sugar during the Winter.  Well,  I was not willing to trade in my healthiness for neglect.  My neglect.

And so there is was WAKE UP!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELF?   Simply answered, not taking very good care of myself. For me, I believe there is always the moment when I get a chance to wake up and decide the direction my life will take.  I believe I am always given the chance to create change or manifest anything I  desire.  But it is up to me, and me alone.  And I have to be AWAKE to see the path.

So I decided to stay AWAKE and work gently with myself to create the change I wanted.  The journey has been amazing. I don’t know where it will take me.  But I do know one thing:  it will never lead me back to that morning walking Maia.  It will never take me back to feeling so sore and unhealthy.  It will lead me to a place where I can feel healthy and enjoy my life.  WAKE UP!

So I would offer you this — WAKE UP!   You may be surprised where you are and where you can go!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you what happened when I made a trip to the Bikini Union Hall.

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