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A guy with pie


This is pretty much the reaction when I start to discuss the past 22 days with friends, family and clients.  To say the words cleanse or detox to anyone pretty much makes them want to scream and run in the opposite direction.

I can understand this reaction.  I had it too!  Most times when you think about cleanses or detox programs the words “uncomfortable, rigid, boring and bathroom” all pop into your mind.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth about these first few weeks of April.  I would use the words energy, calm, rested, mindful, no muscle fatigue…and let me say energy and restful another time.  Because you sleep like a baby and wake up ready to roll!

 IPhone Pictures 132

This is Rick.  (Yes, I asked if it was okay to use this picture).  This is earlier this year at Dick’s Diner.  He was showing our oldest son, Joe how lucky he was to have a piece of Dick’s Diner pie.  Pie has been a family favorite for lots of years.  I can even remember stopping with my Dad at Dick’s on our way back from Keystone State Park for pie.  Pie is big in my family.

Rick is not a person who would readily run out and begin a cleanse or detox program.  He travels a lot on business.  Has a job that requires a lot of desk work.  At times it can be very demanding and stressful.  He enjoys watching sports, relaxing and de-stressing.   He is like everyone else when it comes to exercise, food intake and health.  He would admit that there is always room for improvement, but felt for the most part that he was doing okay.

Copy of San Antonio 030

So I was looking for a photograph of me.  Hard to find.  There are a couple of reasons I don’t have people take my photo.  One is  related to a belief  I have about photos.  I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say there is a lot of energy that is captured when each photo is taken.  It is not only a representation of your physical self, but your meta-physical self.   Anyways, let me explain this photo to you.  I learned the trick of tucking under Rick’s arm to “hide” some of me;  got used to wearing very “big” shirts to “hide”  my stomach and yoga pants to “hide” my hips.  Let’s see — that’s an awful lot of hiding to do.  But I was hiding.  Or so I thought.

There is always that day when you wake up and realize, you aren’t hiding at all.  You are right there.  In plain view. And the one looking at you — is YOU!

Just a short introduction today of us.  And a chance to see where we were in our lives when the cleanse began.   Future blogs — my big wake up moment  (oh wait, I had at least 4 chances to wake up) ;   a little about motivation;  My trip to the Bikini Union Hall;  Roller Derby Queen experiences in my clothes closet;  knowing the technique of  “rolling one”;  becoming a Vita-mix diva;  praying it’s not a two-way mirror; the helpful and polite sales woman — “there aren’t enough scarves in the world, trust me”;  wait, I feel GREAT;  and my personal favorite — YEAH BABY, that’s what I’m talking about.


  1. Can’t wait for the next installment! This is going to be very motivating – I can tell already!!

    • Thanks Deb! I have had a wonderful experience learning more about myself and the choices I make concerning my health, food intake and self-care. I want to relate them in a fun-filled format, but at the same time give folks a chance to reflect on their situation too. Next installments, coming soon! Thanks for following!

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