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Food Guidelines for Spring – just getting started

spring food

We are still experiencing the last weeks of Winter.   During the Winter months, we have a tendency to turn towards warm, comforting foods.  Stews with gravies, soups with potatoes,  pastas,  macaroni and cheese dishes or just cheese by itself.

Our Winter foods tend to be heavy and sustaining.

You may have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight after the holiday season.  If you are having  hard time staying away from the rich, heavier foods just now, don’t be too hard on yourself.  Most every creature looks to fortify itself during the Winter months.  This is just in case the season becomes lean and there is no food.

I know that is not the case in this day and age, but your body doesn’t.

Our bodies have not evolved past the point where we were storing fats during the darker, colder months.  In the past, this helped keep us warm, strong and helped us to survive.  We now have food available to us 12 months of the year.  We live in heated homes.  Drive heated cars.  We have drastically changed our surroundings for comfort and convenience.  However,  our bodies have not evolved since the Paleolithic time span.  Our bodies, metabolism and endocrine system still exist in a place were they adjust to colder temperatures and less light.  During this time of the year, our metabolisms naturally slow down; we carve fats and sugar to store fats; and our bodies convert most of our food intake into fat.  This all takes place to help us survive Winter.

Spring is just around the corner!!   Now it is time to shed the excess and get the body moving.

What you DO NOT want to do is to start some type of strict diet.  That is the opposite of what will help your body shed weight.  A strict diet or drastic change in food intake sends your body into either a “shock” mode or “starvation” mode.

 In shock mode, the body detoxifies  rapidly. This can leave you feeling weak and sometimes nauseated.  If you are in good physical shape and have been following a healthy regiment throughout Winter, your body will tolerate this shock method more than the average person.  But be aware of the physical and emotional aspects of shocking as the body purges.

In a starvation mode, your metabolism will slow down even more to accommodate the energy/intake ratio. This means you could actually GAIN weight as your body tries to hold on to everything you are eating.  Your body does everything it can to conserve fuel during the colder, low-light months. It does this for survival.  In starvation mode you are actually fighting your body’s natural rhythms. Your body will win — you will lose.

A better plan is to look at the foods you are eating.  Commit to making some changes

  • Eliminate half the fats.

  • Eliminate all refined  sugars.

Eliminating half your fats is not that hard.  Just by taking half portions of any fats you are presently eating helps.  In other words, place the  portion of food you are used to taking on your plate.  Take a minute and actually look at this amount.  Let it register in your consciousness.  Next,  make the determination to follow your goal for a healthier you during Spring and….

  • Take half back off.

It works both as a visual commitment to your healthy Self and as a step of success.  Each time you do this, you will be re-enforcing your goal of living healthier through Spring.    Simple + quick + re-enforcing = success.    Try it!  It works!

Sweets — famous downfall.

If you need something sweet, start turning to fruits.  Mangoes, pineapple, kiwi, dates and figs are good substitutes for cookies and cakes. They are dense and loaded with sucrose and fructose.  However, be careful of dates and figs as they are high in calories.  A little of them goes a long way.

Now,  I know pineapple is not cake.   But are you really carving the cake?  It is fair to mention that you need to assess if you want something SWEET or something COMFORTING.  These are worlds apart.  And all the sweets in the world will not comfort.

  • So again, get whatever sweet you are craving.

  • Repeat your portion step.

  • BUT, before you eat this sweet — ask yourself one question.

“What or how am I feeling right now?”

Please do your Self a favor  —- think before you answer  this question.  Answer it  honestly.  Think about that answer.  And then,  if your answer has anything to do with anger, frustration, loneliness, anxiety, stress, fatigue — you do not want sweets.   You want understanding, caring, happiness, success, love, protection, etc.

And I can guarantee you they are not in that doughnut!

Stop using sugar-highs for your emotional lows.  You will be healthier!

So this is just a short step on fats and sugar exchanges.  Just one small step towards wellness.  Easy to do.  Good step to build success.

Next blog?

Food is fuel

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