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Spring, Sex, and All That Jazz

wm enrgy

Towards the end of Winter, the darkness begins to fade.  Light returns and fills our days with more energy.  As the days become longer, a change is triggered.  Everything begins to come back to life.  We can witness it all around us.  The smell of the air changes, trees blossom, leaf buds appear, grass begins to grow and song birds once again announce morning.

A new energy has arrived.

Spring is a very physical time of year.  It is all about the body.  This is the perfect time to re-connect with your physical Being.

First step — detox your body.  Detoxing your body is essential at this time of year.  Your body needs you to purge all the toxins it has built up over the slow, lazy months of wintery hibernation.  If you detox the by-products from any fats and sugars that were part of your Winter intake, your body will respond better to all the  physical activities you will want to later incorporate.

There will be more posts on detoxing and detox recipes, but for today let’s keep it simple.

Detoxing the body does not have to be extreme.  You can use a very simple method of either adding to your life  or taking away from your life method.    A simple adding to your life method is drinking more water (adding lemon helps to alkaline your body).  Or, you can take away from your life by greatly restricting  your intake of fats and sugars.  Adding to or taking away methods are a matter of choice.  Your preference is  in accordance to your psyche.  There is no judgement of value of one method over the other.  Use the method that works best for you.  Or blend both methods and see greater results!

Another adding to life method is movement.  You can begin to move more in your environment.  It doesn’t have to be harsh.  Park farther away from your destination.  Take the stairs instead of elevators. Stand up and move during commercial breaks in your favorite television shows. Touch your toes while the coffee is brewing. Do arms circles while the water boils for dinner. Touch elbows to knees while a program downloads.  Simple. Variety of movement.  All combined together?  Signals throughout your day to BEGIN.

But let’s get to the center of all energies.  That wonderful energy within all of us that says,  ” I AM ALIVE!!”    It is very primal.  Very instinctual.   And it is in every living thing.

Sexual attraction.  Sexual energy.

Each year, Spring is full of sexual energy.  It is the season of procreation in the natural world. Every living thing  has one idea on it’s mind.  To continue life. Just because human beings can mate at any time during the year does not mean they are not  moved by this primal seasonal urge.  Sexual energy rises in Spring.  It is a time to start relationship and to re-commit to established relationships.  At this time of year, sexual energy is based in our actions and our thoughts.

And with these thoughts,  come the thoughts of wanted to be or needing to be the very best of your kind.  I know, this sounds totally primeval.   But that’s you, and me,  and every other living entity.  No matter how old you are.  Whether the urge is strong or just a whisper. Spring makes us turn our thoughts to continuing life.  Be it the continuation our own life or making new life.  All the same.

So let’s make it a little simpler.  Let’s get all the social behaviors, evolution and science out of the way.  Let’s ask some simple questions.  Are you starting to think about being on a beach in a swimsuit?  Looking at your summer wardrobe and hoping it all looks good?  Terrorized to give up your bulky, big sweaters for form-fitting clothes?  Starting to look in the mirror and judging how you look?   What I am asking is  — have you all of the sudden started to notice your Self?   Your physical self.

Believe me, you are not alone.

This  is awakening in all things.   The desire to become a part of  or join again with the surge of life.  Wanting to participate in the big circle of life that just keeps going — even when we no longer do. Wanting to be a participant, not a by-stander.

This energy is something powerful.  Something that can be used to create success. The kind of success you can build on throughout the year.

So take a moment.  Breathe in. Relax. Exhale.  It all starts here.  Take a moment and connect with your feelings, your thoughts  of wanting to be the best; be better; be more — however you see in it your mind’s eye.  Re-connect with that spark of life. Re-connect with the energy that makes you desire.  And then move.

Use this spark of life inside you to create the first steps of the new you.   The YOU that will go on — from now one.  No looking back.   The great part of this step is  you don’t have to look any further than your own Self.  You become the force , the energy and the commitment.   Celebrate the thoughts of wanting to be better than what you are right now.  Celebrate wanting  to improve how you feel and move.  Celebrate that you want to look and feel as young as you can.  And in that celebration build the first step towards a rewarding experience.

Sexual energy —  Basic. Primal.  Strong. Intense. All the things needed to get you off the couch, out of the doughnut box — into some walking shoes, drinking  water and eating  clean.  Because this sexual energy is what makes us, and always has made us, want to be our best.  To compete. To endure.  To last.

Use it —-  and you will succeed.

Understand it —-  and you will become amazing.

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