Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | March 3, 2013

Spring Is Just Around The Corner



Spring is the season to reconnect with your body.  It is a time to work on your relationship with your physical Self.

But, let’s back up for just one minute.  

Before we move into everything about Spring.  Before we begin to discuss how to come “alive”.   I want to take a moment and tell you about something that happens ever year.

When the calendar rolls over to JANUARY, most of us believe this is the time to begin programs to lose weight, hit the gym or make resolutions.

Not so.

We are still in a season of hibernation in January.  Therefore, any movement or thoughts for this type of practice has a high failure rate.


Because you are not meant to do this type of thing in Winter.  Your natural Self would at some point quit or fail at this practice.  It is more natural to hibernate during January and February.  I’m not saying that movement doesn’t have it’s place in Winter.  Your January movement should be  more of a steady progress.  Also, it should be built on your practices of Autumn.

This is not usually the case.  Most people jump into some sort of gym membership, new year resolution and more just because the media starts to push out — New Year, New You!

There is no NEW YOU in January.

There is the you that should be introspective.  There is the you, that in Autumn,  let go of all unnecessary thoughts, feelings and actions to begin a steady journey inward full of reflection and self-examination.  January in the time of year when you are working on your inner self; not picking up weights for the first time.

This is the New Year.


So if you started a fitness program or made New Year resolutions and failed … GREAT!   You listened to your natural Self.  So dust yourself off.  Breathe.  And begin again.  More naturally.

Everything is possible in Spring.  It is the natural — ready, set, go.   It is the season on turning over a new leaf.  It the “reset” time of the year.  It is the time where no matter what came before, you have a new chance to begin again and re-define all the aspects of your life.

So  here we are.  This is the first of many blogs between you and I.  We will begin slow, just like Mother Earth.  We will prepare the ground for the seeds of our intentions.  We will pick and plant our seeds of intentions. We will care and nourish them as they begin to blossom into reality.  And then one day in mid-Spring, we will smile at the growth we are witnessing.

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For email followers, I will provide a once-a-week link to the posts. This way I am not clogging your inbox with daily reminders.

Either way, feel free to visit at your leisure.  My intention is to provide quality information for us so we may grow into the beautiful Beings we already are.  The seeds are there.  We have this Spring to bring them to life.

Tomorrow’s post:  What does Spring have to do with our physical being; sex and thought patterns?



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