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Skin Care for Winter – Why? How?

Taking care of your skin is very important during Autumn and Winter. Many of us we have spent a fair amount of time during Summer in the sun having fun and tanning. This does not help us as we enter into Winter.

During the Summer when you tanned and created a healthy glow to your skin, you also created a “crusty” skin. This doesn’t mean much for Summer, but it means a lot during Autumn and Winter.

In Winter, are bodies and metabolisms have a tendency to slow down. This means your body is not as efficient in cleansing toxins via organs, blood and skin. Your body may take more hours of the day to clear digestive by-products and toxins. Also at this time of the year, your skin may take more days to slough dead skin cells.

Why is this important?

It is important because the more by-products and toxins your immune system has to negotiate, the harder it has to work. The harder the immune system has to work, the weaker it can become. The weaker your immune system becomes, the more you are vulnerable to viruses and bacterias.

So let’s start at the beginning and create a very simple step to helping you remain healthier through Autumn and Winter.

The step?

Exfoliate. And then exfoliate some more.

If you exfoliate your skin every 7-10 days throughout Autumn and Winter, you will be helping your immune system clear your body at more efficiently. Your skin is the largest organ involved in your health. If your skin is not healthy, then you are not healthy.

As we age, our skin becomes drier and less flexible. In a small way, this actually helps us survive. The skin acts like a barrier to ward off contact with bacteria and viruses.

However, we accelerate this process with poor hydration, questionable nutrition and exposing our skin to long periods of tanning. In this way, we begin to harm the skin and make it less efficient at helping us maintain health through leeching out the necessary toxins each day. In other words, our skin now becomes the problem instead of the answer. You may find that you always feel fatigued, suffer more allergy symptoms, have more frequent sinus infections or colds, stomach ailments and more immune-based dis-eases.

So what do you do?

A simple exfoliating regime helps keep everything healthier. If you like to tan throughout the year, you should be exfoliating every 7-10 days. If tanning is a just Summertime habit, then you need to thoroughly exfoliate at the beginning of Autumn. Afterwards, pay attention to how fast your skin begins to feel dry and exfoliate at that time.

There are plenty of exfoliating products on the market. They range from extravagant to simple. Loofahs, exfoliating gloves, salts, sugars…it’s all available. It is best to find a product you will use. Many people purchase products and after the first use, the product sits more in the closet than in the shower.

Salts and sugars will tend to have a more oily base. You may not want to have this film on your tub/shower both for safety reasons and some difficulty cleaning it off the tile surface. If you prefer, exfoliating loofahs or gloves can be used with a mild soap. This will not leave an oil base in your shower or bath.

See more about loofahs, etc:

See more about commercial exfoliating products:

See more about homemade exfoliating salts, sugars and pastes:

Be good to your skin in the Autumn and you will appreciate your health in the Winter. If you find your skin to be more dry and flaky during Winter, you may be dehydrated, low in essential fatty acids and need to exfoliate every 3-5 days. Keeping you skin clear, soft and supple helps keep you healthy.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments. We are happy to answer.

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