Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | September 9, 2012

Do You Know Your Blood Type?

Why is it important to know your blood type?

Do you know your blood type?  Over the past three months we have surveyed clients asking if they knew their blood type.  Most of the clients did not.

blood percentages It used to be a standard practice of the medical community to keep your blood type on file.  Currently, if you wish to know your blood type, you need to request a blood typing test.

Knowing your blood type is important if you are in an accident, taking supplements, herbs, pregnant or trying to maintain your health.

If you need emergency care or surgery, you are automatically typed.  But wouldn’t it be good to have peace of mind that the results matched what you already know about yourself?

When you take supplements, herbs and minerals, knowing your blood type can mean the difference between maintaining good levels and guessing.

Your blood type is very important if you are trying to reduce or maintain your weight. Not all health regiments work the same for each blood type.  Food intake and exercise have different impacts on an “O” than and “A” or a “B”

Community Outreach through medica…the healing arts

blood types As part of our 20th anniversary celebration, we are putting together a community outreach program that will help you know your blood type.

We will purchase your home-detection kit so you may learn more about yourself.  The kits are easy to navigate and you have instant results.

They are the same kits you used in any Biology or Anatomy class that dealt with genetics.

It’s easy to participate

If you would like us to purchase a home-detection kit for you, please email me at

One kit per client will be ordered.  If you would like to order additional kits for your family members, please let us know.  The cost of additional kits for your family is $10 per kit.   We will be happy to put your request with our order and save you the shipping fee.

We will be taking orders between 10 September and 23 September.  All kits will be purchased on 24 September 2012.

Profiles Available

After you obtain your results, we will be happy to mail you a profile for your blood type.

Each blood profile contains important information regarding your blood type. Each blood type profile will have a food intake recommendation; a list of exercise programs for your blood type that help reduce or maintain your weight; ph blood indicators; risk for dis-ease factors; dietary supplements/herbs that are compatible or contra-indicated for your blood type.

Profile reports are $20.

Save even more

If you have any questions about your blood type, Rich and Beverly will be glad to answer your questions one-on-one.  Please schedule an appointment by selecting the one-hour Blood Type Profile Review session in the Health/Life Coaching Section  of service menu.  Please have your questions prepared.

If you have participated in our COP and received your blood profile through medica, we will take 20% off your wellness session.

When it comes to blood types  — we are not all created the sameAnd knowing the differences can mean a healthier YOU.

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