Posted by: medica...the healing arts, LLC | September 5, 2012

The Autumn Diet


During Autumn, you need to limit the accumulation of Fire in your diet. It is time to prepare the body for the colder, harsher months of Winter.

In ayurvedic medicine, you are advised to change into  more warmer, moist, well-lubricated food selections.  Foods that are more spiced, sweet or sour in taste are also beneficial.  Fruits such as baked or stewed apples, late berries, grilles peaches, figs and prunes can be  continued throughout the season.  Be aware that figs and prunes are high in calories.

Most of your vegetables should be gently steamed to produce warmth in your stomach and promote digestion.  A variety of squash and pumpkin can easily be made into a delicious soup.

This is the season of yang.  Cayenne can be added to most any dish to “spice” it up and create heat.  Cayenne is used throughout the year for headaches, arthritis and rheumatism pain.  It has also been associated with the release of endorphins.  Endorphins are chemicals, that when released, create a sense of euphoria and soothe pain.  If you are used to using cayenne medicinally, you may want to touch a bit under your tongue.  This sub-lingual method is very direct, so if you are not use to this application…be careful.  Also, it you are using a medicinal strength cayenne, please use very small increments to begin. There are certain medical conditions such as kidney problems and gastroenteritis that prohibit the use of cayenne.  Also, do not use if your are pregnant.

Other spices that can be added to your dishes are fenugreek, cinnamon, garlic, nutmeg, turmeric and ginger. During Autumn you benefit from cleansing your body and adding heat/ warmth to your diet.  So this becomes a “dance” where you are eliminating certain foods and lowering your portions — while adding more heated dishes and spices to most of the food you  consume.

If you really want to improve your health, you will need to take a few days to fast.  There are many different types of fasts to follow.  You would want to consider a fast that will cleanse the large intestine;  remove any intestinal plaque; and destroy  parasites.  You can Google various sites for helpful suggestions.  If you are uncertain about which cleanse is most helpful, please leave a comment and I will be glad to help you decide.

Here are some ways to enjoy the last of our peaches.  They offer the sweetness of Summer and the warmth need for Autumn:

You can garnish with  ricotta cheese, gorgonzola cheese; a  variety of  honey/balsamic glazes; or cinnamon and nutmeg to create a variety.

See you Sunday for:    Autumn Exercise



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